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The project “Fari culturali del Mediterraneo” supported by Mibac is promoted by: Cultural Collective Theater Bertolt Brecht of Formia, Cultural Association Errare Persona of Frosinone and by the R.A.T Center of Cosenza.
The project is proposed as a cultural bridge that crosses the different Mediterranean countries starting from the three directly involved (Tunisia, Spain and Greece) and the respective partner companies: the association Il Faro di Patrasso, ACPOR LA INVESTIGACIÓN Y DESARROLLO DEL TEATRO PROFESIONAL EN ANDALUCIA of Seville and Maraya of Tunis. A bridge that translates into opportunities for training, promoting projects and common initiatives aimed at developing a culture of integration and peace, diversity as a source of wealth and an opportunity for growth.
An ideal and concrete community like that of the Mediterranean, a centuries-old forge of traditions and art in all its forms, a distinctive “mark” between food, landscape and customs, a heritage to be preserved. Even the Mediterranean as a land of conflict, of always hot foci, like a cursed sea is at the center of the project that invests in culture as a union, in knowledge as a bridge between peoples and countries.
The activities include the creation of a Festival in three cities of Mediterranean countries (Seville, Patras and Tunis) promoted in collaboration with three foreign professional companies that have joined the project that for years have carried out artistic activities.
The three foreign Festivals on the web provide readings at dawn in the most evocative places of the city, multicultural meeting tables on Mediterranean arts, work shops with students, evening shows by Italian and foreign companies.
After the experiences in the three foreign countries, the Cultural Lighthouses return to Italy where three festivals will take place in the three cities of the grouping subjects: Minturno, Formia, Cosenza and Frosinone. The festival as part of the project “I Fari del Mediterraneo” thus becomes the meeting point for the companies involved, a point of reference for workshops and performances by artists from the various Mediterranean countries.


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